Friday, February 07, 2014   /   by David Kurz

5 Under-Appreciated Things About Real Estate Agents

5 Under-Appreciated Things About Real Estate Agents 
Vist Ryan Stewman - The HARD CORE CLOSER who originally posted this and I just had to share it!!  https://www.facebook.com/ryan.stewman 

I hear quite a few people complain about real estate agents. From loan officers to title companies and beyond. What most people don't understand, is what it is actually like to be an Agent. Did you even know that real estate agents are one of the most sold to niches in the USA? There are more people trying to get business and money from agents than almost anyone. 

Agents are grossly under-appreciated. You probably have no idea how much stress an agent has to subdue. In today's market of limited inventory and multiple offers, agents are having to work their asses off just to get a house secured for their clients. Realtors work their tail off to make stuff happen for their clients. Now are they all per ...

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Monday, January 06, 2014   /   by David Kurz

David Kurz and the KARE Team interviewed by RE/Max Corporate Offices

January 7, 2014

Top Keller Williams Team Joins RE/MAX

Name recognition, international presence and the potential for more income were too good for the KARE Team to ignore
By Katharine Davis


Being the No. 2 team at their Keller Williams office meant the KARE Team was successful. It also meant the team devoted a lot of time to helping other agents in their office, which then meant less time spent on their own business. The KARE Team wanted more – more of a challenge, more income and more name recognition.
They’ve found it all at RE/MAX Advance Realty in South Miami, Fla. With Team Leader David Kurz at the helm, the three-person team joined RE/MAX in December – and already has big plans for 2014.
“My goal is to double our business,” says Kurz, a Marine Corps veteran. “I have a very clear, direct vision of what I want, and I won’t allow anything to stop me.”
Here, Kurz explain ...

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Friday, December 13, 2013   /   by David Kurz

Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s to open at downtown Miami Worldcenter

I kept telling my investors to keep investing in our Miami Downtown area.  We have SO much coming to downtown that it only makes sence to get in NOW!  Between the Worldcenter and our Design District starting to look like Rodeo drive - This is going to be the most saught after destination in all of the world by 2016.  We have the weather - the culture - and the ambiance.  Even Macy's and Bloomingdale's know it! Buy here and buy now; because in 2016 you can expect to pay twice the price!! 
Miami’s cachet as an international shopping Mecca is taking a quantum leap forward.
Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s unveiled plans to open new stores at Miami Worldcenter, the outsized, mixed-use project planned for downtown’s Park West district, which is west of Biscayne Boulevard across from AmericanAirlines Arena.
Macy’s Inc., the parent of both retailing heavyweights, expects by late 2016 to open a 195,000-square-foot Macy’s and a 12 ...

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013   /   by David Kurz

FHA to lower loan limits on Single-Family Homes in 2014

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is bringing down loan limits on single-family mortgages next year.  We knew this could and would happen as the market moved further into recovery.  Yet another reason to sell your house before the end of the year.  Now it will be harder for home-buyers to purchase a home in the USA because they will need to have MORE money on hand for higher priced homes.  Thats a huge impact on Miami since our home prices have continued to soar!  
According to Mortgagee Letter 13-43, FHA’s revised ceiling for single-family loan limits will come down to $625,000 from $729,750. The change marks the first full implementation of loan-limit calculations under the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008; the lower limits were originally scheduled to be put into place at the start of 2009, but Congress delayed any action “due to continuing strains in credit markets” at the time, HUD said.
Re ...

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Monday, December 09, 2013   /   by David Kurz

Miami Real Estate Experts

Let me give you a bio on David Kurz so you know who you will be working with! 

Dedication.  Innovation.  Drive.  These are the qualities that set Broker Associate David Kurz and his KARE Team apart in the South Florida real estate marketplace.
Led by David Kurz, the KARE Team at Re/Max Advance Realty has been recognized for sales achievements in the South Florida region more the 13 times in the last year.
But David Kurz is much more than a real estate broker.  He is a former U.S. Marine, and his Marine Corps values of honor, courage and commitment are why clients place their trust in him with their real estate investments.  He is a dynamic leader and coach of his KARE Team. He and the KARE Team provide a premium level of service to their South Florida clients, who benefit from an entire team working on their behalf, with years of experience and market knowledge.
David’s background reflects his str ...

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