Memorial Day

Saturday, May 24, 2014   /   by David Kurz

Memorial Day

Memorial Weekend –


It was a weird day.  I left the house to go to work at Wendy’s and I had a bad feeling about the whole day in general.  My mother and I were in a battle so she took away the car; guess I was punished or something.  I don’t even remember what that quarrel was about.   My friend Sergio took me to work that day and I remember telling him to wait for me outside until I give him the go ahead from the drive through window, which was my position at Wendy’s.  As soon as I walked in my manager began to yell at me to clock in and get to work.  Never mind that I was 10 minutes early – she needed the help but she asked me by yelling and belittling me.  Now I know I was not the head honcho of the store or anything like that, but I did know I deserved better.  I quit on the spot! 


I walked outside and got back into Sergio’s car.  He looked at me like I was a psychic or something!!  I asked him to head to the mall and see if we can just walk around and think about our futures.  Just to get some fresh air (it was an outdoor mall).  As we are walking through the mall two gentlemen in Marine Corps uniforms walk by us.  I didn’t know at the time what this all meant but one was a Sergeant and the other was a Lance Corporal.  They looked amazing, walked straight, stood tall (even though one was pretty short!) and looked like they had a future.  We locked eyes and passed each other and almost simultaneously turned back and looked at each other again.  That’s when the Sergeant says “you want to talk to us, don’t you?”. 


Not to bore you with all the details but soon after we did what ever we needed to do to join the United States Marine Corps, including getting another one of our friends to join with us.  We even checked out the other services but they looked too easy and we know we needed something hard-core to make the change we needed in life. 


The Marine Corps taught me to be a man.  Taught me to be responsible.  Gave me drive.  Gave me an education – University and life.  The Marine Corp motivated me to progress, to want more, to live above and demand the respect I have earned.  But it also gave me nightmares, lost lives, lost friends and brothers.  All of this added together and divided to an average made me the man I am today.


I am proud of my service to this country and proud to have been a part of such a wonderful brotherhood known as the Marine Corp!  With all that I have done and participated in within the 9 years I was active; its nothing compared to so many others who have sacrificed so much more.  There are many service members out there that experienced a lot more than me.  Troops that could not recover from the experiences of battle.  Troops that are homeless.  Troops that need jobs and cannot get one because they are still battling the mental anguish of their experience of fighting for the freedom we enjoy.  Older men still waking up with vivid Vietnam nightmares. 


Whether you agree with the wars or the decisions the President makes abroad or not; remember there are courageous men and woman out there ensuring you still have that choice… the choice to agree or disagree and make it known.  The freedom to do what ever you want within your rights as an American.  We live in a blessed country that other countries envy.  That’s why they criticize us.  But they still come here, they still invest here, they still want to have some sort of ties to our wonderful America. 


Sending blessing to all our Servicemen and Woman.  Those serving us now and those who have served in the past.  Those who have given their lives for us.  The families who have lost their loved ones and the families that continue to support the troops coming home.  To all the businesses that hire military with priority and ensure those who have served us do not get forgotten.  To all the non-profit organizations that do whatever they can to support.


Marine Corp Sergeant David Adam Kurz

Proudly served the Marine Corp and the United States of America from 1995 to 2004 and still doing what I can to continue to support.


David Adam Kurz, PA

The Kurz Team at Douglas Elliman

Miami, FL