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The Roads

Monday, September 21, 2015   /   by Jennyffer Munizaga

The Roads

The Roads,

“As I know it and as I see it”, by Jennyffer Munizaga


Developed and platted by Mary Brickell in 1922 and now known as one of the most coveted neighborhoods with historical homes and with wide streets that follow an unorthodox direction and break the standard Miami grid of streets, which predominantly run from N to S and E to W. This neighborhood is found immediately West of modern Brickell, South of 11th St. and in between SW 12th Ave and 15th Rd. The 45 degree direction of its streets in comparison to the normal Miami Grid, change the name of their streets to roads, essentially welcoming the neighborhood name “The Roads” instead of it’s original name of “Brickell Hammock” as it was when the City of Miami acquired the development from Mary Brickell in 1922.  Aside from it’s distinguished impact on the map of Miami, what I love the most of the neighborhood The Roads is its location in connection to the other coveted neighborhoods of Miami. It is just a couple of blocks East of Coral Gables and West of Brickell, two very different parts of Miami; One of historic origin and large Mediterranean single-family homes and one of a Concrete Jungle, with buildings and commercial spaces. I would say that The Roads is a happy medium for any family that wants the best of both the historic and the modern world.